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Many congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to Wellness Within Hypnobirthing! 

I’m Karleene, a trained KGH Hypnobirthing Teacher, a Mother and also an experienced Person-Centred and Experiential Counsellor (MBACP).  I offer my birth preparation course across Powys and in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales.

I have created Wellness Within Hypnobirthing to support you to prepare for a calm, relaxed and confident pregnancy, labour and birth; no matter how that unfolds.  My aim is to educate, empower and support you.

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About ME

About Me.

I have experienced both an intervention-led and somewhat traumatic labour and birth and a calm, empowering one making use of everything learnt from hypnobirthing.

I know that engaging in the KGH Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course with my Husband had a massive, positive impact on my pregnancy journey - not just for me but for my Baby and Husband too!

I feel that everyone who is getting ready to welcome their child into the World should know about hypnobirthing and discover just how wonderfully equipped their bodies are to negotiate through the natural process of pregnancy and childbirth. 

Pregnant Woman

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is simple, logical and profound.   It is not a thing or type of birth, it’s a birth preparation that works for people in different ways.  It’s an evidence-based approach to birth that aims to empower you with knowledge, practical techniques and support which enables you to have a positive pregnancy, labour and birth experience, regardless of how you choose to birth your baby.


As a KGH Hypnobirthing Teacher, I invite you to join me in this in-depth antenatal training programme.  I will support you to release any fear you may have and build your confidence in the natural process of birth through practicing relaxation techniques as well as equipping you with the skills you need to ask questions about your care so you can make informed choices.  It’s only when you learn about the physiology of birth and how the mind and body work together, as well as how the medical system in which we find ourselves in work, will you know the questions you need to ask in order to achieve the birth you want.


We often find that due to the pressures Midwives face, it isn’t always possible to be allocated one set Midwife to offer consistent support during pregnancy or for them to be as available as we may want them to be.  Unfortunately, this can mean there’s very little opportunity to establish that nurturing rapport we require during this life changing journey.  This can hold us back from being honest about how we may feel and discourage us from asking questions about any uncertainties or worries we may have at this vulnerable time. 


As a KG Hypnobirthing Teacher and also a Counsellor, I have a niche skill set to be able to offer you a non-judgemental and safe connection as you embark on this gold standard hypnobirthing course (accredited by the Royal College of Midwifes) which I feel is the foundation to a successful hypnobirthing partnership , leaving you confident in you newly gained knowledge and empowered in the remainder of your pregnancy and birth.

Why hypnobirth

Why Hypnobirth?

  • Women who practised hypnobirthing were much more likely to have a positive, confident birth with significantly lower levels of stress, anxiety, and mental health issues.

  • Mothers that use hypnobirthing often have far shorter labours.

  • Hypnobirthing births are often more comfortable and often do not need any pain relief.

  • There is less unnecessary medical intervention during a hypnobirthing birth, allowing you to have a less medicalised route, which is often deemed far safer for both you and baby.

  • Mothers who hypnobirth have an in-depth and clear understanding of exactly what their body will do during labour and why. This enables mums to aid their bodies to do exactly what nature intended, and to do so with confidence!

  • Your baby will be born into a calm, happy and relaxed environment.

  • Almost all mothers who hypnobirth say that their partner, or birth partner played a hugely significant role and knew exactly how to support them. Partners also say that hypnobirthing helped them understand the birth process and gave them a valuable role to play during the birth.

The KG Hypnobirthing course is taught over approximately 10-12 hours and is typically split into 4 sessions, each being 2-3 hours long but can be adapted to run more flexibly to meet your needs. 


The course encompasses full antenatal education, exploring all aspects of pregnancy, whilst involving all of the KG Hypnobirthing techniques.

What's Involved?

Courses & Prices.

  • In-person 1:1 Course for you and your partner/ birthing partner (optional) in the comfort of your own home.  All resources provided including:

      - KG Hypnobirthing Book

      - Course Handbook

      - Access to KG Hypnobirthing Audiotracks

       Cost: £275+ depending on individual requirements and location.  Contact me to discuss further. 

  • Online/ Hybrid 1:1 Course also available with all resources provided.

       Cost: £225+ depending on individual needs. 

  • Group Bookings also available.  

Get in Touch.

To find out more about Wellness Within Hypnobirthing and how it will work for you, get in touch and I will be delighted to answer any queries you may have.


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"We had a wonderful expereince on the hypnobirthing course with Karleene.  It gave my partner and I space to think deeply about our birth experience we wanted so we could shape a beautiful space for our baby to enter the world.

Thank you so much!"


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